Clutch Bleeder Block Replacement#

Tags: alltrack, vehicle

I opted to replace the stock plastic block with an all-metal block from ECS Tuning to get rid of the clutch delay valve. After doing this mod I definitely felt a difference when pressing the clutch pedal. It feels lighter and now I understand what people meant when they say the stock clutch feels mushy.

My only regret with this mod was not buying a clutch line cap. Installing the new O-rings took some time, all the while brake fluid was dripping all over my garage floor (in these cars the clutch and brakes share the same fluid and reservoir). If you don’t have a cap make sure you put rags or a catch pan under your car and have a bottle of brake fluid handy to refill the reservoir when you’re done.

After replacing the block you need to bleed the clutch. You can bleed it by pumping the clutch pedal but I went with the pressure bleeding method instead. Reason is I very recently replaced my brake fluid and used this mod as an opportunity to replace the remaining old brake fluid in the clutch master cylinder and clutch lines.

Items Used#