OEMTools 24938 Gauge Mod#

Tags: alltrack, vehicle

I change my own oil using the extraction method. Since my oil filter is accessible from the the top of the engine bay there’s no need for me to get under the car for oil changes. One of my gripes about this method was that I didn’t know how much pumping I had to do to keep the oil flowing.

My solution was to replace the pneumatic valve (which I don’t plan on using) with a vacuum pressure gauge. Having just changed my oil with it I can say it’s super handy and I’m glad I did this mod! I discovered that I only had to do some pumping at the beginning and once more in the middle of the extraction. Before the gauge I kept pumping it every couple of minutes since I didn’t know what was going on.

I also got a gas can spout for this particular extractor to make dumping the oil out of it a breeze. I didn’t spill a single drop when transferring the old oil from the extractor back into the 5 qt oil jug.

Items Used#